Our Hand Sanitiser Bundle comes with an automatic sanitiser station, 2 x 5L Be A Clean Bee hand sanitiser gel cartons (i.e 4 x 5L bottles) and batteries to keep your workplace safe and free of germs. The touch-free automatic hand sanitising station dispenses Be A CLean Bee hand sanitiser gel accurately and safely.


Automatic Dispenser with Stand 

  • 1L Hand sanitiser gel reservoir 
  • Automatic smart sensing
  • Battery powered (included)
  • Eco-friendly refillable cartridge
  • Drip tray
  • Sleek metal adjustable stand (black)


5L Eco Refill - Be A Clean Bee Hand Sanitiser Gel

Premium quality, moisturising hand sanitiser gel containing aloe vera, 75% alcohol.

Fast drying & rinse free. 


5L Be a Clean Bee Eco Refill Gel is available for sale with 2 in a Box/Carton.


  • Highly effective formula – for frequent use.
  • Eco refill hand sanitiser gel with a pull top lid.
  • Pleasant scent & transparent colour.
  • Barcoded for inventory tracking. 


    Hand Sanitiser Station Bundle

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